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Ninja Thai Asian Fusion Restaurant A Prima Vista Blvd. Delicious Food Spot

American Press travel News-Nov. 30th, Port St Lucie, FL.–Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Deliciousness of Exotica Foods” This time at Ninja Thai Fusion Restaurant, a Prima Vista Blvd. delicious food spot!

When you leave our front entrance here at Kings Isle, make a left and head down over the bridge to Prima Vista and go towards US.1 Just before the turn look left and there is this great Asian Fusion Restaurant in that small shopping center. Promise, this Ninja Thai Asian Fusion spot is worth a luncheon or dinner stop. Barb and I really enjoyed our meals here. We jumped all over our mouth watering appetizers. The home made pot stickers made with pork, ginger, white onion and cabbage. Stuffed into pasta wrapper and dipped in ginger sauce it was a double WOW! The spring rolls were obviously home-made great, and then we dove into Pad Thai seafood. Shrimp, lobster and scallops adorned a wonderfully peanut flavored stir fried rice noodles. The green onion and bean sprouts blended with egg made this meal special, indeed. A slice of lime and a tall, green tasty Thai iced tea, had us spoiled. There are so many incredible dishes, that we’d like you to explore this great place and its offerings for yourself, and don’t forget the fried ice cream and Thai donuts, too! 899 E. Prima Vista Blvd. (772) 777-4377

Rosati’s Pizza and Mission Barbeque Just Great For Our FL. Neighborhood

 American Press Travel News–December 18th, Port St Lucie, FL. Bob and Barb “On the Road Again”–We often take for granted how many businesses are in walking distance to the front gate of our Florida home. Upon our return from an extended time at our TN farm,  we marveled at how many new food spots opened since we had left last April. Here’s just two of several new ones we just tried:
When Rosati’s opened last July, they were expanding their pizza business from Wisconsin to Florida, from their corporate headquarters in Chicago, into Port St Lucie, West.  They are a great spot to get great hand-thrown dough pizzas delivered, or that can be picked up anytime day or night.
The business offers great salads, pasta and pizza as carry out, but there is some seating inside and outside as well. My favorite pizza is adorned with real garlic, olives and mushrooms, on a thin-crust with some crispy bubbles from the bake. When I see round mounds of dough ready to be rolled out, spun and thrown, I know the place is keeping it “real.”
If you just crave a slice and a soda, its $5-bucks. We tried both a Chicago style thick crust cheese and delicious Italian chunky pizza sauce. Both the thin and the thick variety were quite good-we’ll go back or call for more next week. Rosati’s motto is “Keeping It Real Since 1964.” They also provide catering services and they are located just across from our gate the opposite end of Dunkin Donuts. 772-340-0999.

Mission Barbeque, on our side of Port St Lucie Blvd., on restaurant row, is a unique smoked-meat BBQ. Every day at 12-PM all employees and guests stand, hold their hands over their hearts and sing the National Anthem. Barb and I enjoyed seeing youngsters joining in with their parents and the employee’s seemed quite proud of their work place and support of our troops and our great nation. Just outside, there is a large Army truck, outdoor seating and plenty of parking. They make their 10-sauces daily and we enjoyed the smoked brisket, ribs, chicken and turkey, as well as their tasty side dishes, too. Get on line, pick your favorites, take a cup for soft drinks and be prepared to not go home hungry. We liked the place. and as we noticed at the lunchtime filled tables, so do many others in Port St Lucie. Stop in for a sample taste if you like. Located in Port St Lucie, West on St. Lucie West Blvd, just down from a Publics.    

Cabin Creek Trip to Sulpher Well, KY.


Fine meeting place for outdoor cooking events. Very family oriented and fun for all. The old cook shed is festooned with old tools of the past.

American Press Travel News–December 17th,-Richard Hines, guest correspondent–

From 1902 until 1969, Sulphur Well, Kentucky was a famous destination for people wanting to visit the Beula Villa Hotel. The resort was well known for its food and other local amenities including an Artesian well the town was named for. Drilled in 1848, the well has flowed continuously and is still visited by tourists traveling along Kentucky 70. 

Outdoor over wood cooking is what’s it all about!!!

When the hotel closed, the small town of Sulphur Well almost faded away but the community was far from giving up. The South Fork of the Little Barren River runs through the town. A park was established on the bank of the river accenting the old well. The towns old general store is still in operation. Some years back, the Lighthouse Restaurant was opened and has become a destination for many travelers who enjoy the large servings of catfish, chicken and other dishes served country style. It was recently voted the second best non-franchised restaurant in Kentucky.

Our main reason for our overnight trip to this small Kentucky community was the lodging at Cabin Creek. Although we live only a few miles from Cabin Creek, we decided to spend the night and get a feel for the place. Many times, our house is full during family gatherings and other events, so I wanted to be able to recommend other lodging options for our friends. We were very pleased.

Cabin Creek is the perfect setting in this historical town. Long-time resident Dean Rowe started the project 15 years ago when he moved an original 1820s log cabin to the 11.5-acre site next to the River. Rowe said, “we have period correct furnishings, but you will find modern conveniences with electric and running water”.  Everything is hidden away unless you open one of the kitchen cabinets where you will find a coffee maker, microwave, and toaster oven. The old claw foot tub in the bathroom is a nice touch but antique or not I still prefer a hot shower adding to essential items I rank as necessary.

Even with these modern but hidden amenities, you get the feel of living in the early 1800’s with the fireplace or waking up to water flowing through the riffles of the adjacent river.

Smallmouth bass and rock bass or as they are called around this area, “redeyes” are abundant in the river. In addition to the South Fork, there are at least six additional access points for kayaks or anglers who prefer wading for bass and redeyes.

With over 11-acres of land, birders will find a nice mix of birds throughout the spring and summer months with numerous neotropical migrant songbirds. Watch for the orchard oriole, summer tanager, eastern phoebe, or listen to the chattering of one of many resident belted kingfishers flying along the river. 

There is also an early blacksmith shop on the grounds, also constructed of half dovetailed logs and other buildings with antique farm equipment and many items to view and photograph.

Rates for Cabin Creek is $80 for two and $15 for each additional person. The cabin will sleep from five to seven.

For more information contact Dean Rowe at 270-670-8686 or check them out on Facebook at; c.n