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Big Cane; Florence On Her Way East Coast and Beyond

No real time. Get er done!!






American Press Travel News-September 10th, Bob and Barb “On the Road Again” and Stopping to Smell the Roses” putting out a caution:

If you live anywhere on the coast, or anywhere Florence; the already CAT 3 hurricane may visit. Get ready now, just in case! Get your stuff together. Get your extra water in, food for you and pets. Keep cash in your pocket. Get your battery lights, put away very important papers. Check your generator now to see that it is working, and has fuel for an extended period of use. DO NOT BURN GENERATOR WHERE FUMES CAN INTRUDE INTO YOUR HOME! Forget candles, use batteries in lanterns and flashlights. Plan on where your vehicle will be stored. Shutters are good, but won’t protect from rising water. Make your plans now! Don’t wait-do it!!!