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Saluda, N.C. and the Orchard Inn B & B “Rocks.”

 American Press travel News-June 9th,-Saluda, N.C.-Bob and Barb “Stopping to smell the roses.” Our favorite B&B! What we like is everything is first class at wonderfully down to earth costs for what you experience and get for your vacation there!
The food at Newman’s Restaurant is inspired by the season and the harvest from our garden. We are excited to partner with Sow True Seeds to host a Summer Wine Dinner on August 14th that will showcase the beautiful produce that we have grown using Sow True Seeds.

Where Is the Best Gem Mining in NC?

The mountains near Asheville offer visitors the unique opportunity to go gem mining. There are many great opportunities to go gem mining in NC – picking a place to go can be a bit daunting. Read our latest blog to see all the places you can visit to go gem mining during your visit!

How to See the Best of Historic Asheville NC

If you are unfamiliar with the Asheville area, there is one side of it you must see to get to know it, historic Asheville NC. There are so many wonderful sites when you see historic Asheville NC. Let’s highlight a few of the stops you can choose from.

See All There Is to Do In Saluda and Asheville

Where the foothills end and the Blue Ridge begins, Saluda is noted for its orchards, its climate, its art and culture, its historic downtown, and the many available outdoor activities. Plus, nearby Asheville has plenty of activities to ensure you’ll never run out of things to do on your trip!

The Florida Keys, Please! For Real Fishermen, a Trip To America’s Caribbean Islands Is a Must!

Jennifer picked a winner of a dish too! Shrimp rice and Louisiana sausage. Looks so good I can eat again with someone else's stomach!
Eating fresh seafood’s in the Keys is dangerous! Why? After swooning to tastes that you just don’t find in a frozen thawed seafood place and fried to make it somewhat palatable, the fresh dishes in many Keys restaurants, rule!!! Its hard to go back to the garbage you had gotten used to on the mainland!


AmericanPressTravelNews.com-June 9th, Key Largo, FL.-Correspondent Brian E.on a “tear” to find his snapper dinner! When I go fishing, I look for fish that I can broil or saute fresh and sweet au natural! When my parents come down from further north in Florida, to visit, I make sure they can get a snook filet or a fine snapper baked up for them! I was raised in the Keys, and now I find myself going back to where I had the best time of anyone’s life; the Keys! 

For snapper or any predator, live or fresh shrimp, pilchards and the best, baby mullet are best baits! My success in catching, not just fishing is in direct correlation to being able to match the hatch, so to speak! Jigs, and other artificial’s such as spoons in active bait fish colors like lures from Al’s Goldfish, work great too, and often I just cannot get the baits I want, so I do rely on these artificial’s that really mimic the real thing, so I don’t go home empty handed for dinner! So much fishy waters, so many species to target, so many sunsets to relax in. Diane and I can’t wait to once again spend full-time in the Keys again!


A VIP Keys fishing buddy!
Even President Bush remembers using Al’s Goldfish Lures. He was a fan of Gaddabout Gaddis and watched the Flying Fisherman TV programs as so many dyed- in -the- wool anglers did too!