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Will Florida Keys Reefs Become Off-Limits to even Catch and Release Fishing?

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American Press Travel News-passing on a belated News Release from CCAF
Florida Reefs closed to ALL fishing!

Even catch and release!

This could be our new reality if the Our Florida Reefs initiative is implemented as proposed. Tomorrow is your last chance to let your voice be heard!


Please help us keep the reefs open by attending their final meeting on June 2nd in Coconut Creek. Yes, they did schedule it on a work day to make it harder for you to participate! Do not let them keep you from expressing your opinion.

When: June 2nd 10:45-12 PM

Where: Fern Forest Nature Center,
201 Lyons Road South, Coconut Creek, FL.
Coastal Conservation Association Florida will once again be there stating our opposition to the adverse proposals made by OFR, as well as showing our support for the positive proposals. This is the last opportunity for the public to voice their opinions! WILL YOU BE THERE?
If there is no way for you to attend in person at a minimum please submit your comments online here.
Even if this is not in your backyard all anglers must stand together to stop arbitrary area closures! Please attend the meeting tomorrow or submit your comments online today!