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Fredonia’s Great Little Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge: Rocco’s

Rocco, owner of his namesake restaurant! Great guy, great personality and with the help of his faithful employees, runs a terrific little restaurant with big flavors and great attitude!






AmericanPressTravelNews-July 5th,-Bob & Barb “On The Road Again” now back home in TN. and writing up our experiences around Lake Erie, New York. We left the Waterhouse Inn B&B our host location in Fredonia, NY for some dinner. Little did we know we would enjoy this little place with such big flavors and personalities. We kicked off our meal with Calamari, lots of super tasty, squid.  Everything on their menu looked very tasty. We talked to a few regulars coming in, and leaving the restaurant and they all told us they were lucky to have this one, just off main street-they loved it! We saw and tasted why!!! Rocco’a  is located at 44 Orchard St. Fredonia, NY 14063 716-679-0044

Terrific Calamari appetizer! Done just right and with a specially created sauce, this was not the usual fry and die seafood melange.
This diamond -cut sirloin was excellent all the way around! Just like we like it, too!
This very interesting lemon & herb soaked veal scaloppine bedded on linguine al dente’ was a true treat!






La Mezzaluna Cafe in Charles Town Best Food Almost Anywhere America

Best mussels ever! This chef owner knows seafood. And for that matter true Sicilian fare as well! What an appetizer!!!Delicious plus!
Calamari to call home about! Special seasonings and just the right amount of butter. Terrific!
Bow tie pasta and shrimp in a custom sauce creation. You just couldn’t stop eating this creation!!!
Veal Marsala was beyond great! Mushrooms, and sauce created to perfection. The meat was tender and not stringy and tough-just freaking delicious (gained 5-pounds at the place)

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 22, Charles Town, W.VA-Bob & Barb “On the Road Again” and “Stopping to Taste Great Foods.” This time we went to lunch from the Carriage Inn on Donn’s recommendation to La Mezzaluna Cafe. WOW! The offerings were all especially great!! We hit the garlic knot rolls (real garlic, not powder) first and we did the “dipsy doo” in the sauces from the mussels, then the bowtie pasta and shrimps sauces and finally the incredible veal marsala. This place was incredible and then all the law enforcement locals came in. Most were salivating before they even saw the well used menus. Only wish they were in my city in TN. probably have to wait on line, though!!!  La Mezzaluna Cafe “bringing delicacies from all the regions of Italy to your table.”  304-728-0700

Shrimp Shack Puts Out Great Seafood and Traditional Fare Fused With a Caribbean Flair

Shrimp fritters, moist and extremely tasty. The Cracked Conch-a favorite of mine and about a million other Keys visitors!

AmericanPressTravelNews-Sat January 14th, Islamorada, FL. Bob and Barb just invaded the Shrimp Shack for their seafood fixes.

Nautical all the way! Comfort food, and beverages that will please any palate!
Shrimp and Grits was so tasty, we are spoiled again! The sauce is king with this dish-combined with the correct grit flavors and consistency, as well as, naturally super-fresh shrimp and voila!
Chicken loaded with an incredible sauce and veggie melange! Called the Continental Chicken dish!

I love Conch, no not just the Conch Republic, but the big Sea Cow browser called the Conch, a gentle delicious snail that lives in a mini palace people from around the world collect at shell shops, and road-side gift displays, to sit on their do-dad tables. At the Shrimp Shack the critter is fried and served with a pungent sauce that is about the best slice of seafood possible. The Shrimp Shack is a family owned business that opened in Dec. 2011. Since that time they have been serving delicious food to their customers and have become a “go-to-place” for Islamorada, FL. Keys locals. The restaurant is run by the mother, daughter team of Jill and Morgan who bring out their family recipes from their kitchen and onto the plate. They were discovered by Guy Fieri and were featured on Diners Drive-in’s and Dives! Guy who has eaten his way across America loved the shrimp Fritters as we did and the “Senator” style local catch of the day. The episode is named “Smoke and Seafood.” They are closed Wednesday’s and are located at 81901 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL just down from The Guy Harvey Outpost Resort.  Phone: 305-664-8443 email: islamoradashrimpshack@aol.com