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Bob Evans, Got Breakfast? Yes and a Whole Lot More!

Aptravelnews-March 4th,-Port St. Lucie, FL-Bob n Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses”--This morning we headed to Bob Evans this morning for breakfast. Once in awhile, we enjoy eating out. So today we decided to try the large chain, but family owned, (we do not write about chain, “big boxes” unless they are great, and none of them are great, just some very good ones) Bob Evans Restaurant in Port St Lucie West, Florida. Omelettes and crepes and one thing for sure, coffee was hot and the orange juice tasted like orange. We certainly enjoyed our experience here. We told the manager that we can recommend this restaurant to anyone we know, yes we certainly can! We had Blueberry Crepes, and a Farm Omelette with mushrooms and spinach-delicious! Their grits were great, and a taste of their pancakes too, convinced me that we can always go back!

Tin Fish Restaurant In Okeechobee Florida Offers Mahi, Shrimp and Salmon Deliciously!

Barb was in the mood to have a fried fish platter.
Barb was in the mood to have a fried fish platter. I had it grilled. Both ways were yummy!!!!!!

APtravelnews-Lake Okeechobee, FL.–February 25th,–Its not the first time we have eaten at a Tin Fish Restaurant,
but every time we do we keep on coming back due to the “consistency factor.” Each time we visit for lunch or dinner, we get what we expect; a hot tasty dish of shrimp, salmon, mahi,  (Dolphin fish) our way! We like fried fish, but as we get older the far more healthier way to eat seafood and fish is grilled! At Tin Fish you can have it your way! the owner-its his great way or the highway!

Today we had shrimp and calamari (squid) appetizers and mahi and shrimp platters replete with my favorite cole slaw; Spicy Slaw custom made at the restaurant.

Everything including the waitresses was perfect! Google Tin Fish Restaurant, go there and get a “bite”, there’s more than one in Florida and more are coming, stay tuned!!

The “New” Corner Grill Serves Excellent Breakfasts and Lunches in Port St Lucie, FL.

corner grill use
Brian Curry and Nicole Boulete, owners of the Corner Grill put in considerable work and efforts to cleanup to develop their new business! Food, cleanliness and decor was terrific!!!!

APtravelnews-Port St. Lucie, FL-February 18th,–Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses” at The Corner Grill.  The Corner Grill  Restaurant, located in the Bridge Plaza just off Port St Lucie, Blvd.  1068 SE Port St Lucie to be exact, is owned and operated by Nicole Boulete and Brian Curry. This is no run-of-the-mill Grill! Serving breakfast and lunch, the Corner Grill puts out some mighty large and tasty meals. We first met the folks here when we stopped for breakfast last week. Barb said that she was very happy with her egg dish, and I agreed with my cheese omelet, that everything tasted fresh and there was no greasiness to anything. We decided to go back and have lunch today! We were very glad we did. Our positive suspicions were correct; this is no ordinary food emporium! What we ate: We started with Hidden Shrimp. Perfect shrimp covered en cruet by delicious melted mozzarella cheese that also covered a tasty addition of spinach. We left nothing over!! We tried a Mac and Cheese Burger, yep! Mac and cheese on top of a perfectly cooked to our liking, burger with perfectly done fresh grilled bacon strips-WOWSER!!! We also tried an impressive pork sandwich with three different cuts of pork, pickles, more bacon, served with a cucumber salad. So big was this delicious dish that we could only eat half of it (yep, doggy/people bag is in our fridge now for today’s lunch too)  although if my stomach was as big as my eyes it would all have gone down, right then!

Roomy and airy, decorated with all manner of marine and tropical metal fish and palm tree scenes, the place was very relaxing and our waitress was very nice and friendly- yes, we even left her a decent tip, for a change in exchange for great service! The Corner Grill is open now for two months and from Monday to Saturday from 7am–3pm and on Sunday from 7am to 2 pm. Ask about their special Friday breakfast which also includes coffee! Give a call 772-249-0087, although, just stopping in will always get you a table too! They serve dishes such as Poquine  (French Fries with a gravy and cheese curds, yes ate that too) and other French Canadian specialties!P1030296 P1030299

Poquine  was a real French Canadian treat!
Poquine was a real French Canadian treat!



New Market Street Fusion Restaurant Already a “Hit” With MD. Police and Fire-fighters!

A proud mom enjoys the first breakfast dish from her sons kitchen!
A proud mom enjoys the first breakfast dish from her sons kitchen!

APtravelnews–January 29th,-Frederick, MD.–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again”–This time it was our turn to visit a true family restaurant-our family restaurant! Our son Dave, and our grandchildren, Josh, Bradley and Elihana have opened up a brand new restaurant serving American style foods with a French Cuisine twist; the Market Street Fusion Restaurant! With their new, experienced Chef Dave, hailing from Washington State, with a James Beard Honoree reputation, dishes are noteworthy for there tastes and presentations. Seafood’s from the Florida Keys and from the Northern West Coast will be featured in season, along with all manner of America’s favorite entree’s. MARKET STREET FUSION is located at 41 South Market St. Frederick, MD. phone 240-439-4452

NOTE***look for updates as this new, family owned restaurant fully gets into gear!!


Some of the many members of the Frederick Police Dept. enjoying an Inaugural "Thank You" Breakfast prior to full opening of the Market Street Fusion Restaurant.
Some of the many members of the Frederick Police Dept. enjoying an Inaugural “Thank You” Breakfast prior to full opening of the Market Street Fusion Restaurant.
First egg dish from M.S. Fusion Restaurant-"delicious!
First egg dish from M.S. Fusion Restaurant-“delicious!