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Key Largo to Key West; The Florida Keys is Truly Americas Accessible by Auto Caribbean

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Los Cayos=(Those Bones) as the Spansih called the Keys Hundreds of years ago!
Los Cayos=(Those Bones) as the Spanish called the Keys Hundreds of years ago!

APtravelnews-December 2, Key Largo, FL.—UPDATED*Key Largo, Florida is the gateway to and through a total of 43-bridges to the main islands (yes, I counted the bridges) making up the Florida Keys available for visit by locals and tourists, alike. When I wrote the Official Travel Guide to the Florida Keys-“43-Bridges To The Florida Keys,” I concentrated on Key Largo, due to its proximity to the mainland and due to the fact that everyone who visited the Keys by auto for the first time would seek out the welcome Center to more easily facilitate and be able to be informed best, on how to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities the Keys have to offer.

When we travel, we always consider the following primary reasons that are most important we would expect when traveling away from home: Excellent accommodations and amenities, great meals, neat places to visit and safety of locations for us and our family. Today, restaurants that serve local sea foods and fish, besides all the usual dishes from the main providers of steaks, chops, Asian, Italian and good old American Apple pie places too, are all available in the Keys and especially in Key Largo for starters, on our way down the US-1, Overseas Highway. This highways is like the string that links a fine set of little islands or Keys like pearls, towards Key West-132-miles further south and the end of the habitable islands that make up the Florida Keys!  Just Google the Florida Keys and watch out; you may get hooked as firmly as I hope my next game fish does!

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Waterfront dining is a given in the Keys! Fish, shrimp, FL. lobster (crawfish)  conch salad, pelicans soaring by, a breeze that Keys residents say "life is a breeze in the Keys."
Waterfront dining is a given in the Keys! Fish, shrimp, FL. lobster (crawfish) conch salad, pelicans soaring by, a breeze that Keys residents say “life is a breeze in the Keys.”
Yes, I always release red drum (Red Fish) they taste terrible compared to snook or snapper!
Yes, I always release red drum (Red Fish) they taste terrible compared to snook or snapper!  However, they do fight very well on the shallow water flats!

New Fishing Lures, Lines and Terminal Tackle For 2015

Lures, line, quick attach fishing floats for 2015.
Lures, line, quick attach fishing floats for 2015.

APtravelnews & AP Product News-January 2nd,–Crossville, TN–Recently we had the opportunity to join in as members of SEOPA’s (Southeastern  Outdoor Press Association) 50th Anniversary Conference at Fontana Lakes Resort in North Carolina. During the conference, media types have a chance to visit with various outdoor products manufacturers and view, test and enjoy items, active outdoor sportsmen and women would use in their hunting, fishing and boating life-all kinds of items, from game and fish seasonings, duck and turkey calls, to tree-stands, guns, fishing rods and even hand warmers for those who ice fish, or stay out in the cool and cold of fall and winter.

A little known fact by anglers gleaned from a visit to the Chattanooga Aquarium, probably one of the very finest in the world is that the Tennessee River has more freshwater species than any other body of water in America. I have lived in TN. for 10-years and I have never fished the river OK!, please don’t ask why! Yes, this is going to change, as I am heading for the river today! Stay tuned.

The following fishing items are all I may be using during my forays to the river: Berkley makes a wide variety of baits both soft and hard baits and the new Flicker Minnow Pro in Slick Purple Bengal in size 7, is one I will try first. It dives to from 14-17 feet in depth and I know if G-D is with me, a perch, bass or hopefully a trout is going to commit to a whack at it!  Sebile Action First, provided a neat looking floater called the Squarebill Sunfish. I am fairly confident a sassy bass will strike this on a first cast to the water lilies in a bend in the river. If they don’t bite on the floater, I’ll try their Lipless Sinker with rattles; who knows? Fortunately, these companies make these lures in different sizes and colors and just like my fly fishing excursions with my fly box full of you name it in color and size, my tackle box gives me the arsenal of possibilities that persnickety  fish might like!

From catfish mono line, to crappie and the rest of the gang, new lines appear to be just that, new! I’ve got Gamma Touch Flourocarbon, Stren, Berkley IronSilk in green, and all in weights that will fill my old reels with fresh ammo presentations in abrasive resistant styles. Something I always thought would be a good idea also fell into my bag; “Frog Hair Adjustable Single use EZ-On float indicators from Gamma. No rubber bands, just quick-attach little threads and ready to fish little Bobber’s in several sizes and coloration styles. If I were you, I’d at least check out all this in the big box stores and mom and pops too!







 Another face to face meeting with "Mr. Brown."
Another face to face meeting with “Mr. Brown.

The Brass Lantern Casual Fine Dining In Little Old Crossville, TN.


Grilled TN. Sour Mash Whiskey Pork Chop. Best chop I can ever remember!
Grilled TN. Sour Mash Whiskey Pork Chop. Best chop I can ever remember!
Salmon encrusted in pecans and a sauce to remember with wet lips!
Really enjoying our meal at the Brass Lantern!


APTRAVELNEWS -September30th,-, Crossville, TN.–When James and Denise Weismuller, new owners of the Brass Lantern welcomed us to their excellent fine, yet casual dining establishment, we had hoped for a great dining experience and we were not disappointed at all. A bit about James background: Chef James worked for the Marriott Corp. in Food and Beverage for 15 years prior to moving to the 2000 foot elevation of the Cumberland Plateau. Chef James for the past 14-years prior to recently taking over the Brass Lantern, operated the Stonehenge Grille  and was the Director of the Food Services for the Good Samaritan Society in Fairfield Glade for 2 years. His wife Denise said it was about time they finally opened their own restaurant and I’m sure the folks of Crossville would say the same! The Food: We started our repast with two special soups, one always on the menu; the French Onion and the other called “Hamburger Soup” was hard to stop eating it was so good. A hint of bacon, top round chop meat and the stock was hearty enough to dip the home made, specialty rolls in-delightful both of the soups. The side salads were “right on” excellent with all the greens, oranges and reds as in tomatoes just right and ready to be bathed in a raspberry vinaigrette or as Barb liked her salad dressed with blue cheese dressing. In perfect timing, out came our main dishes; a baked pecan salmon finished with Chestnut Hill (winery just next door) Volunteer Peach Wine. We caught this wild salmon on the plate! We both ate from it and it was exceedingly perfect-nothing dry, moist tasty, no fishy aroma-perfect. The sauce was divine!  My Grilled TN. Sour Mash Whiskey Pork Chop was worth calling home base about. Incredibly tasty. The 8-ounce chop was glazed with fine sour mash whiskey and James secret spices. The taters were excellent, but I must say, this chop was the best ever! We finished our meal with excellent cheese cake smothered in sliced, sweet strawberries and fresh decaf coffee. What a dinner, and if your headed on highway I-40 too, or from Knoxville, or Nashville get off Exit 322 and they are just down 1000 feet away. Our waiter was top notch, very attentive as we noticed for us and his other table charges as well. All in all, on a scale of 1-10 this meal was an eleven-period! Of course they also have great steaks too! Give a call and be prepared to thank us on line when you dine at the Brass Lantern located at: 79 Chestnut Hill Road Crossville, TN inside the Chestnut Hill Winery. 931 484-7657 Besides their reasonable priced dinners they are now open for lunch too!

A libation and a meal lunch or dinner is what awaits the smart diner!
A libation and a meal lunch or dinner is what awaits the smart diner!
New York Cheesecake and strawberries. Terrific!
New York Cheesecake and strawberries. Terrific!