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Global Pet Expo Highlighted K9S FOR WARRIORS Program! May is Military Appreciation Month


K9s For Warriors LogoAmerican Press Travel News – May 18th,- Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” at the Global Pet Expo., in Orlando’s Orange County, Convention Center- We headed up on the first day of this event to listen to a presentation of how and why Bayer expanded its partnership with K9s for Warriors. K9s For Warriors is the only non profit service dog organization for veterans suffering with post traumatic stress disorder (PSSD) for post-911 veterans.  They pair specially trained service dogs with the veteran. The veteran is required to live and train for 120-hours on-site with their service dogs and certified dog trainers, before going home. This program has reported 100-percent success rate in suicide prevention for its graduates. <>
Bryan Folz, pictured with his Service Dog Dell, a recent graduate, said that “the program delivers the compassion and second chances for veterans shelter dogs alike.” Dell saved my life and now I can focus on taking care of Dell. Thank you, thank you to all the Veterinarians, pet retailers, who have participated nationwide for helping us heal from debilitating disorders like PTSD each and every day.”

This is truly a lifeline for these warriors. Until now, the veteran had to be able to afford all the expenses for the dog. Many veterans were shut out of the program due to the expense. Today, Bayer announced that they have partnered with veterinary clinics for a free health and wellness plan and pet retailers to curtail the expense of keeping veterans with their dog.  The Global Pet Expo was the second largest pet event in the world, only eclipsed by the Expo in Nuremberg, Germany. There were appx. 3012 booths spread out over 1-million square feet and taken up by 1087 exhibitors. Before the end of the conference there were more than 6000-buyers at the show and a large contingent of press enjoyed the hospitality of sponsors such as Bayer and others.  For more information contact: and


Changes, Changes and a Few More For American travel Press News-We are not AP and Don’t Want to Be!


Yes, that’s me the big bear that Barb loves! Nah, had to take the picture as Barb always has called me her favorite “Teddy Bear.” Took this image in VT. during a visit to the Teddy Bear Factory!
A VIP Keys fishing buddy! Pres. Bush and now gone General Norman Schwarzkopf were favorite anglers I had the pleasure of fishing with!
A VIP Keys fishing buddy! President Bush and General Norman Schwarzkopf were great men to fish with in the Keys!! 

American Travel Press News- May 11th, Goose Holler Farm, TN.-Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” and “Stopping to Smell the Roses.”

Well, we are now American Press Travel News, not APtravelnews  and that is great! We finally have the correct URL and thanks to Go Daddy, we are all set for the next 10-years of posts and pics. After 8-years it was about time to say who we are and what we really are today! Expect to see many new and exciting things on our site. Check out our new category covering the Treasure Coast.  Stay tuned and we apologize to our over 2- million readers who saw a disruption in our posts for the past weeks!  Best to you all, Bob and Barb

New Smyrna Beach – Night Swan Bed and Breakfast

P1040032AMERICAN PRESS TRAVELNEWS, Bob, Barb & Terry, “On the Road Again” and “Stopping to Smell the Roses” this time in New Smyrna Beach, FL. When we popped off I-95, heading for New Smyrna Beach, that the National Geographic Magazine folks voted as “the Worlds Top Surf Towns” and Dr. Beach rated New Smyrna  as “Florida’s Top 10-Beach Towns” ,we knew that we’d be on the Intracoastal Waterway with dolphins feeding and playing, just about 200 feet away from our lagoon view window. We weren’t wrong! We enjoyed the frolicking marine mammals seen from our Manatee Viewing Suite, at the Night Swan Bed and Breakfast, before heading to the beach, after lunch with Terry at the Dolphin View Seafood Restaurant. Night Swan Owners, Matt and Betsy Baker, bought the business in 2013 and lovingly placed their experience and tastes in all upgrades, and you will see this in everything about the B&B, that consists of twin vintage, but thoroughly updated houses, 16 room, with 6 rooms dedicated to be dog friendly and a dog friendly cottage too! On a historical note; “Smyrna” comes from the word purported to be Myrrh, one of the special fragrances brought to the manger by one of the 3-wise men during the time of Jesus’s birth! There are other thoughts on the name, but from a historical prospective we are offering this theory! The other side of the B&B besides the bed, you also get the breakfast. We enjoyed the fruit, blueberries and seasonal strawberries.  The scones, and the really great waffle, with real maple syrup and sausages. The coffee, tasted like coffee! Its not every place you go that you run into the real thing, “baby.” So many times, at too many other locations I have had dishwater called coffee, not at the Night Swan, it was real and good! There was all Breyers ice creams, cookies and drinks anytime you were in the mood for a snack, and we met some fine folks visiting from all parts of the east coast! The one thing that stands out for a great B&B is that the personalities and conviviality you find at a high quality B&B, is found no where else in the accommodations business, with the exception of cruising the oceans of the world!  Some of the items and amenities found at the Night Swan:  no charge boat dock, flat screen TV’s, private baths, elevated dock (we even watched a NASA launch from it on our last day at the B&B) lovely front porch, free WiFi, all kinds of meeting space for up to 40, great family reunion location, and wedding receptions in the great outdoors and so much, much more! You can come by boat, auto or any way you wish to this B&B—-Go: or call 386-423-4940 Check out the myriad of events you can attend weekly, for months in New Smyrna Beach and surrounding enclaves by going: 

Stay tuned 3 more posts coming at you from Smyrna Beach, trips, restaurants and a nature boat excursion as well.

Water to land view of the Night Swan B&B with the sailing charter double mast schooner on their end dock!



Bob and Barb with Terry at the Dolphin View Seafood Restaurant located at 107 N. Riverside Drive on the Mosquito Lagoon. One of the many pet friendly restaurants in New Smyrna Beach! We saw sea food and we all enjoyed it!
Just one of Dolphin's treats for lunch; stuffed mahi mahi with shrimp and crabmeat, oh, what a luncheon treat!
Just one of Dolphin’s treats for lunch; stuffed mahi mahi with shrimp and crabmeat, oh, what a luncheon treat!


Nostalgia, Sweet and Hard Memories at Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City 200 & Counting!

A visit to the past!
A visit to the past! Sometimes bittersweet, but oh so “cool.”
Ah, the "Vette" more guys and gals have crooned over this car than any other car!
Ah, the “Vette” more guys and gals have crooned over this car than any other car!

APtravelnews-April 10th,-Punta Gorda-Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” this time, stopping to see, and also smell the old car-new car interiors and gorgeous bodies! We saw so many vehicles that brought back memories of events and loves. and that the word “nostalgia” alone couldn’t do this experience justice. Rick has an auction each year and is always buying and selling for his “hobby.” What a hobby 200-plus vehicles and counting! go:

One of my favorite vehicles a car/truck! The El Camino!
One of my favorite vehicles a car/truck! The El Camino!
Guys really love their favorite car and Barb enjoyed looking at Ricks display!
Guys really love their favorite car and Barb enjoyed looking at Ricks display!
Going ga- ga for a convertible. You bet! My absolute favorite car!
Going ga- ga for a convertible. You bet! My absolute favorite car!
Really vintage! One of dozens from the dawn of the auto age!!