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Speed Concealed Carry Pistol Shirt by VERTX Designed 37.5 Relative Humidity for Best Comfort & Enhanced Action

Smart and comfortable and I can absolutely conceal my weapon-tool!
Smart and comfortable and I can absolutely conceal my weapon-too!

AmericanPressTravelNews-October 7th,-Bob reporting that these New Products for gun owners really work wonderfully for their designed uses.When I picked up this shirt (available in long or short sleeves and other color patterns)  and put it on, I immediately noticed that this was no ordinary piece of wearing apparel. It is a seriously woven piece of specialized, yet totally comfortable shirt with several innovations and uses. Two multi-purpose, reinforced zippered pockets that can be used to conceal your pistol, even the buttons on the shirt are snaps, but with button simulated snaps heads that actually conceal the real purpose of what this shirt is all about.  There are also snaps on the sleeves so you can roll them up and have your forearm free as if you wore a short sleeve model. The technology here is in, and discussed as the 37.5 factor, which is the core body temperature at which you feel most comfortable. The technology uses millions of particles to capture and release moisture vapor-helping you zone in on a personal micro-climate of an ideal relative humidity and core body temperature. 37.5 active particles are naturally derived with zero harsh chemicals to irritate the skin. The product dries up to 5-times faster than similar clothing cutting down on wet cling. The technology is permanent and never washes out or degrades.

Personally, I love this shirt. Not only can I comfortably wear a high quality, comfortable shirt, but I can easily conceal my pistol and only I know where it is and how really fast I could deploy my weapon if ever necessary.  Go for more information and to order your great shirt too! Also check out  for checking out all the science and micro-diagrams of this shirts makeup. 

Totally conceal your weapon in a comfortable long or short sleeve high quality engineered shirt.
Totally conceal your weapon in a comfortable long or short sleeve high quality engineered shirt.

Fall Favorites at the Orchard Inn, Saluda, NC.

AmericanPresstravelNews–From the Orchard Inn in Saluda, N.C.–On Oct. 9, 2016, “we will host an October Beer Dinner at Newman’s Restaurant to celebrate the fall harvest and support St. Gerard House, a local non-profit organization. Chef Stuart Partin has created a five-course menu highlighting our fall harvest with dishes such as Braised Veal Cheeks, Potted Duck Confit Pie, and Long Island Brussels Sprouts. Each course will be paired with artisan beers produced by Asheville’s most established brewery, Highland Brewing Company” said the Newman’s!

Explore The Amazing Eliada Corn Maze This Fall

When you think about fall, so many wonderful images can pop into your mind. The first is the much awaited cooler weather. Along with that is our stunning changing of the leaves and opportunities to pick pumpkins and attend fall festivals. One activity that is a lot of fun and benefits the community is the Eliada Corn Maze. It is a great way to spend an afternoon here in the mountains!

The North Carolina Fall Foliage is the Most Beautiful

We love fall in the Western North Carolina mountains. There are so many ways to enjoy our autumn landscape, from hiking to scenic drives. We have put together a few options for some of the best things to do during your stay at the Orchard Inn so you can enjoy a wonderful day amidst the red, orange, and golden leaves!

See All There Is to Do in the Asheville Area This Autumn

Asheville is noted for its orchards, climate, art, crafts, antiques, biking, hiking, white water kayaking, and fly fishing. There’s also great food, craft beer, and music! With so much to explore in town and outdoors, Asheville is a favorite autumn destination. Take a look everything there is to see and do in the Asheville area this fall.

Request Your Free Vacation Guide to Asheville, NC

If you are planning a visit to the Asheville, NC, area, you should request our free Vacation Guide. The Asheville/Saluda area has so many things to do for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or even a trip for “me time,” and we want to share our suggestions with you!
Click the link to download our complimentary Vacation Guide to see all that you can take advantage of in Asheville.

Our Guide covers:

• Restaurants You Will Want to Visit Time & Time Again
• Festivals & Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss
• Outdoor Activities for All Skill Levels
• Shopping For One-of-a-Kind Items
• Orchard Inn Exclusives
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Team Bob and Barb Tasked to Update Their Popular, Sold Out Book: “The Best Restaurants in the Florida Keys.”

Little Palm Island paradise! Barb and a Margarita libation, with a pastel sunset!
Little Palm Island paradise!
Barb and a Margarita libation, with a pastel sunset!

AmericanPressTravelNews-Sept. 23rd, Florida Keys–Bob and Barb “On the Road again?” Yes, we are booked to do an updated book of our original sold-out book: “The Best Restaurants in the Florida Keys.” The first book reviewed 60-Florida Keys restaurants, many still in business, some not since the 1980’s. The book had distinctly tropical recipes, comments on each page by charter captains about their favorite restaurants and dishes, collected articles from my column in the Miami Herald, and many of my own recipes one of which is being served in many restaurants across the country; “Fish Pizzaiole.”  There have been nearly 100-new restaurants opened in the Keys since the 1980’s and Bob and Barb have been tasked to include them in the new book while updating all the original food emporiums they visited and tasted. This book will be hard-cover, full-color, and with an expanded Keys recipe section from the best of the best in the Keys! 

For an original signed copy of the last 25 books I have held on to, contact Bob Epstein 772-812-0933 or


This resort and restaurant is no longer open to the public. It is now part of the City of Islamorada's outdoor venues for residents and visitors.
This resort and restaurant is no longer open to the public. It is now part of the City of Islamorada’s outdoor venues for residents and visitors.