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The White Carrot Restaurant in Mayville, New York Par Excellance

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 29th, Team Bob and Barb back home at Goose Holler’ Farm after “Stopping to Smell the Roses” in Upstate New York-While there we enjoyed the wonderfully upscale “The  White Carrot”, fine dining restaurant.

Chef/Owner Brian Kienld has got it “going on.” Paring various wines to each of 3 or 7-courses of true French cuisine, will make for a great evening taking your honey out for any special occasion. Barb and I had a great time here. Out back, there are tables on their covered patio deck, or eat inside with AC. The pond and water geyser fountain was beautiful. Veggies & herbs growing organically in the chefs special garden, friendly and attentive wait staff, soaring ceilings and a bar to call home about, too! Now here were the delicious  food offerings: We tried a Korean BBQ Pork Belly. Sour Cream & onion potatoes, red onion Agrodolce. It was paired with Katherine Goldschmidt Cabernet, California 2014. The Garden Plate was a celebration of great veggies and the salad was paired with Fontana Candida Pinot Grigio, Italy 2015. We eventually finished off our meals with Strawberry Panna Cotta. Strawberry biscuits. The Mazza Ice Wine, a Lake Erie, wine product 2013 was extraordinary. All in all, Barb and I experienced a true, Haute cuisine extravaganza!  Check out The White Carrot at www.whitecarrotrestaurant.com 716-269-6000 4717 Chautauqua-Stedman Rd. Mayville, NY 14757 

Barb loved this place!
The back area of the restaurant.
Sous VidLoin of Lamb. Lentil Puree. Arikara Beans. Pickled Onion. Paired with Mazza Chautauqua, Cellars Shiraz, Lake Erie, 2014.
Salmon Crudo. Lemon Curd. Orange. Oregano. This dish was paired with Mazza Sparkling Chardonnay, , Lake Erie, 2014. This one of the 7 courses offered at the White Carrot.
Poached Foie Gras. Puffed Grains. Umami Broth paired with Rivarose Sparkling Rose, France.
Mushroom Farro. Stuffed with 4-year old Gouda & Summer Truffles. San Lorenzo Chianti, an Italian wine 2015 was paired with this dish.


Happy Independence Day, July 4th,2017 to All America and All Our Fine Readers and Supporters

Staying on the farm this week!









AmericanPressTravelNews- July 3rd, Bob and Barb NOT “On the Road Again” today!

We are at our Goose Holler’s farm/ranch in TN., and with this post want to invite everyone to the idea that we all need to fight for our independence by being good, yet wary Americans concerning all aspects of what too much government can mean for our continuing independence. This is NOT a political statement, it is a warning to never be complacent, as we have seen for the past nearly two years. Now again, not being political, but being an American first, I wish everyone as much peace as possible for our quiet and happiness in our homes, neighborhoods, state and nation. Respect our flag symbol, respect our President, respect our veterans and by all means possible, show your support for our law enforcement folks all over the great U.S.A.




The beginning of making a nation! “Go West young man” was once the mantra, but now today “make America Great Again” is the mantra.

Miss Kitty the horse at Goose Holler’ and Jesse the dog love each other and live in peace, why can’t we?
Our holiday lunch!