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R Place Pub & Grill; A Special Place with Specials 7-Days a Week!

AmericanPressTravelNews-May 26th, Crossville, Lake Tansi, TN.-Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses” and tasting the seafood at R Place Pub & Grill. Every night, all week there are specials. Ribs, Prime Ribs, wings, chicken buffets, boot leg burrito’s, you name it and call and ask for it, they will have it! From their home made breads, pies to cry for, codfish with pistachios, catfish, salmon, big shrimps, stuffed shrimps, clams, crawfish boil, everything! We loved it. Give a call to 931-788-6717 R Place Pub & Grill 103 Country Club Drive, Lake Tansi, TN. 38572

Kodiak Island, AK, Check Them Out

AmericanPressTravelNews–Working on article  for Fish Kodiak Adventures.  (see images and check out their website) Working on article on this family and their fishing business.

Memorial Day Everyone Needs to Remember Why We are Not Enslaved-Commentary!!

AmericanPressTravelNews–May 25th, Commentary–By Bob Epstein, Publisher—-Memorial Day is coming up on Monday. We have too many horrible Memorial Days! No I won’t list them here. All smart and decent people older than far too many college age youth, increasingly being taught by some incredibly poor and foolish teachers- even those that call themselves “Professors” (liberal all and socialist leaning, heavily leaning) know what I mean, and have the list burned into their memories. Lest anyone think that all those that have come before and confronted life and death as soldiers for “the Good” not the evil, paid dearly in blood, limb, mental disarray for life, and unfortunately death as well. So, having just been to a children’s science museum in Oak Ridge (home of the nuclear bomb development) TN, and noticing a sculpture created out of steel taken from the Twin Towers horrors, I felt everyone always needs to remember and say never again!
Barb stands at the Memorial Monument and we asked a few of the children that entered the museum what it was, and none of them bothered to read the plaque. They just wanted to play games at the museum. So I asked their teachers why did they dismiss the opportunity to teach their charges about this. Answer: “not very appropriate for their students” by most of them. I should have been stunned. But, I was not! We all live in a nation that has had a dollar become close to worthless, and an educational system amongst many systems, that have become devalued to disastrous depths.

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Norris Dam State Park & a Visit to Lenoir Museum Complex

View of Norris Dam and Norris Lake impoundment. The lake holds all manner of fish including giant catfish and striped bass so popular with trailer boaters from around the state of TN. and beyond.

AmericanPressTravelNews–May 23rd,-Norris Dam and Lenoir Museum Complex-Bob & Barb “On the -the Road Again”-Dams, always impressive as they are massive and hold-back river torrents. Dam’s also create power for power. Dam’s by holding back constant flows also calm and deepen waters creating lakes. Norris Lake is today a drawer for thousands of boaters and anglers, swimmers and kayakers, and lakes create real estate values. Seems that a view of the woods, compared to a view and access to a body of clean, beautiful water has no comparison in the price of a building lot. Water views trump em all!

Standing at the overlook parking area, at Norris Dam State Park made us think how this dam as many others around America beside being very impressive had opened up beautiful recreational opportunities for so many as well as creating power for so many families as well. We thoroughly enjoyed and were impressed with our stopover here!  Go:

Housing all manner of early American artifacts, tools, and agricultural and ground working implements from an age before our Industrial age (hand forged and crafted woods and metals, not manufactured and stamped out in factories) the Lenoir Museum is a repository of these items from early families of the Appalachian region now long gone on to heaven.
A mill house that was saved and is in the State Park system. Probably more photographed than any other stop-over with the exception of the Norris Dam.
Mark Morgan State Park Ranger showed us around the Lenoir Museum and the incredible music piece with marching soldiers and figurines from the 1840’s.
Runoff from the stream that turned the mill at the mill house grain grinding site.