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There are numerous products that make your life easier in safety and peace of mind. offers them.
My Airforce son parks and leaves his trailer for extended times. He really likes the Bolt hitch locking trailer hitch pin.
Living on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, boat and and box trailer owners need Bolt products.










American Press Travel News-New Products Special-January 15th, “On the Road Again” to the Florida Keys, and our truck and trailer are protected. When we trailer either our box trailer, or boat trailer anywhere, we sleep protected.  We love the one-key concept, it’s a really a safety idea, not just a convenience one. So readers, check-out this and other great products from By using the key from your ignition, you must turn off the ignition, so your vehicle can not kick into gear by child or pet, and kill you when your out-back, behind your truck or car during the hitching, or unhitching time.

If you drive a truck, haul gear or pull a trailer, then the BOLT Series of locks is for you. The BOLT Series of locks lets you set all your truck, trailer and equipment locks to work with one key – your ignition key! Simply insert the truck’s ignition key into the BOLT lock, turn it once and the lock mechanically and permanently learns the key code.

But convenience isn’t their only benefit. BOLT locks are made by STRATTEC, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive locks and keys, and the main OE lock supplier for Ford, GM and Chrysler. Since BOLT locks use automotive technology and materials, they have the highest corrosion resistance rating on the market, and are nearly impossible to pick.

Whether you are a truck pro or a weekend warrior, you can’t beat the convenience of BOLT locks. Why carry all those extra keys? go  My son and I love these products!!

All BOLT locks feature:

  • 6 Plate Tumbler Sidebar prevents picking, bumping
  • Automotive grade, weather-resistant shutter
  • Larger cylinder makes it more secure


Zest Kitchen and Bar One Step Above the Rest

We were really liking it all!
Appetizers and Barb is happy again.
Very amazing scallops wrapped in duck bacon!
Appetizers for a king and a queen, or just you and me!
Our veal and scallop dinners with terrific veggies!


American Press Travel News- December 21st,-Port St. Lucie, FL.- Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” this time stopping at Zest Kitchen and Bar for dinner. And, so glad we did! We eat out quite often for reviewing all manner of dining places, and this one was quite special, indeed. We tried a couple of appetizers that were excellent, and filling enough for two, over -70 stomachs to enjoy, and comfortably feel satiated.

Snake River Farms Kobe Beef Sliders (2) were the perfect sized burgers, covered with caramelized onions, cheddar, Brioche and house fries. May I say, that the sea salt fries were extraordinarily good, and cut differently than the frozen fries from most all restaurants that use Cisco delivered fries. They were a meal treat for two without anything else. We also sliced into baked brie en croute, with cheery compote, crackers, blue berries, candied walnuts and Granny Smith Apples. We had pineapple juices, and then our main dishes came to table. Duck Bacon wrapped sea scallops, and Barb had New Zealand lamb chops. The accompaning veggies were amazingly tasty Brussel Sprouts, a sweet potato mash, and butternut squash, as well as a stuffed fat Idaho. Sauces were right on, and this meal before even, the Creme Broulet and chocolate filled cake dealie called Chocolate Panache topped with mousse and Chocolate Ganache. What a meal! Zest is located next door to Publics Food Store in Port St. Lucie, West. 772-249-4516 You can order in or out, they do have plenty of outdoor seating and their bar is complete! Give a call or drop by anytime at all. Checkout their menu and images online:

Sweet Basil Italiano and Pistachio’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar

American Press Travel News–Dec 17th, 2020–Port St. Lucie, FL-Bob and Barb “On the Road Again”-this time visiting and tastingat Sweet Basil Italiano and next door at Pistachio’s Ice Cream & Coffee Bar. We love chicken Francais! Their entree’ of this dish had chicken breast dipped in egg batter, sauteed in lemon butter sauce with herbs and served over a perfect al dente’ fettuccine. We also tried fresh little-neck clams Marinara. Frankly everything from their Margherita Pizza to garlic knots were spectacular! After dinner we went next door to the owners Pistachio’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar. We finished off our dinner with desserts such as a banana split, and a Bubble Waffle Sundae. Of course we sent it down with a cup of Espresso. On a scale of 1-10 we gave both locations an 11. Located at 291 SE Port St. Lucie, Blvd. 772-333-2332. They deliver and open at 11:00 am. You can order online too!

Estella’s Pizzeria Has Primo Italian Specialties

American Press Travel News-October 29th,—-Port St Lucie, FL.–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” and Stopping to Smell the Pizza’s and entree’s at Estella’s Pizzeria. Who doesn’t love authentic Italian dishes? Well, at Estella’s they are here in abundance, thanks to the Frankel family, and their kitchen and wait crew. Our waitress, Nichole, cook, Nick and Mel helped us try numerous dishes, and one of the best Antipasto salads ever. The dishes such as Shrimp Fra Diavolo, an amazing al dente’ spaghetti dish with Calamari, in gentle Marinara sauce, and a white pizza with Ricotta, mozzarella real garlic, grated cheese and olive oil and lots of home-boxes too!  So many choices, such small stomachs! We also had Lobster Tail, a vanilla pudding filled croissant-like dessert and of course we didn’t forget the Connoli, WOW great!! Open Sunday -Thursday 11-AM-9-PM and Friday & Saturday 11 AM-10 PM. Located at 1276 California Blvd. in the Oak Hammock Plaza. 878-6640 Free delivery to Kings Isle, and they cater, as well as eating-in and curbside pick-up too!

Barb and pizza guru Ralph. What a great white pizza with spinach, too!!!

So many great dishes, we tasted and mangia’d all we could!!!